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Majestic Entertainment, are embarking on a documentary centered on the life and times of D.O Fagunwa with the blessing of D.O Fagunwa’s foundation in (the location of the foundation)

D.O Fagunwa was born in 1903 to the family of Joshua Akintunde and Rachael OsunyomiFagunwa at Okeigbo in the present day Ondo state. He is one of the pioneer indigenous writers in Africa who wrote five books of exceptional imaginative literature. His books leaned towards the magical and the spiritual and espouse the endurance of human’s race. He also wrote texts and short story for young school learners. He died in 1963 and is survived by his loving wife, Elizabeth Adebinke, and his five children.

The immediate objectives of this documentary are

  • To celebrate chief D.O FAGUNWA  and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death
  • To give immediate heightened and deepened understanding of Yoruba culture and milieu before the colonial era.
  • An attempt to present to the world the legacy of a great writer who would favorably compare with any writer in any culture in the world.

The documentary is been filmed exclusively in Nigeria, in Ondo and Oyo states. These two locations were selected based on their major influences on D.O Fagunwa’s life. Ondo state was both his birth place and his state of origin; he grew up in the little village of Okeigbo, had his primary education in Okeigbo and most of his stories were influenced by this surrounding. D.O Fagunwa’s father was a hunter and Ifa priest, and at an early age, he was already accompanying his father to the thick forest to hunt. His novels are filled with magical creatures possessing seven pairs of eyes, two heads and other such imaginary things.

Since D.O Fagunwa doesn’t believe in any sort magical creatures, spirits or ghost, (confirmed by his wife), it is apparent that the stories were purely imaginative. Also, one of the villages in Ondo state adopted the name “Igbo Olodumare” from one of D.O. Fagunwa’s novels, Ogboju Ode Ninu Igbo Olodumare. This proves that there was a symbiotic influence between D.O Fagunwa and Ondo state. Ibadan also played an important role in D.O Fagunwa’s life. He spent his later life there; he actually lived there with his wife till his death in 1963.

This Documentary will be a useful source of information in the literary world as it would give adequate information to the viewers on the status of literary writers within Nigeria in the past, and show how far the nation has come from there.

The research team started the documentary by embarking on a journey to Ileife in Osun state; there they interviewed Pa Fayemi Anthony, D.O.Fagunwa’s typist who was able to provide useful insight to the life of the great writer. Mrs. Elizabeth Adebimpe Fagunwa his widow, who resides in Okeigbo, Ondo state, was also interviewed. The research team’s major challenge was the night filming at Igbo Olodumare, as it was their first night there and the journey wasn’t quite what they expected. They knew it would be scary and lonely but, didn’t realize how much of an understatement that was.

At first, it was just the fact that as they travelled, the road got narrower and lonelier, and then they began encountering the deep and thick forest. The road got bumpier, and they heard various guttural noises that can only belong to wild animals. The earlier excitement and chattering in the car was replaced by pensive silence that you could hear a pin drop, it got so that one of the team became really unsettled and kept giving reasons why the team shouldn’t continue with the journey. A younger female member of the team was quite sure that for the first time in her life, she would actually see ghosts and other imagined creatures.

Finally, after hours of driving through the forest and a little help from some nice hunters encountered, they reached their destination and carried out their filming. In all, this documentary, is one of its kind, and when completed will be a major sensation nationwide.

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