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Majestic Entertainment International, UK is a limited liability company, located in London operating as music productions, distribution and event business. We offer musical Bands distribution of their finished materials, and distribute via our own music distributor with international connection world-wide, and also supplement this process, with our own network, of contacts gathered. Over the years, in the business. In the format of physical sales through high street shops, corner shops, supermarket etc., and download platform via internet in stores such as I Tune, Amazon, CD Baby Spotify. And direct sales through our own event in clubs, festivals, venues and even restaurant.. We promote the Albums, or singles via industry, magazines, news print radio, internet and social medium.by creating platform, called sound cloud, or links, and creating our mailing list, to reach our intended medium for radio, press to download our product for reviews, and also use postal services to send our products to industry stack holders as mentioned earlier press, radio for reviews which helps in promoting our product.  We specialise, in world music, particularly African music to the ever growing population of African migrant, and second generation of African descendant world-wide and music lover generally.in other to reach our audience, we embark on event organisation, putting on live events in clubs, venues, festivals, and even restaurants.

The business is music sale distribution, marketing and event organising.  Selling musical works, as Album, total of 10-12 tracks of music, Ep (extended play consisting of 3-4 tracks) and Single track 1 song. We also will sell merchandise, such as branded T-shirt’s , Caps, Books(auto-biographies)

The business, specialize in world music, but concentrating on music from Africa  we take finished products Albums singles or compilation Album from Artist/Bands we sell their music as physical, and digital to music lovers world-wide direct to the retailers on the high street, to corner record shop, and unto down load platforms like I Tunes, Amazon sportify, By employing a major distributor with world-wide network, and the compliment this, with our own in house contact, and network be have built over the years. We also organize musical events in clubs, venues and even restaurant this venture, helps us to meet our customers and sell direct to them, while we entertain them. The business, will also endeavour to register to attend festivals were we will be able to sell our products direct to music lovers.

The Company Management

Kayode Samuel is the Managing Director of the company. He has been in the music business as a music producer, and a song writer I have recorded, and release music through major/independent labels that I was signed to throughout my career that has spanned over 25years.in which I released 3 singles 1 EP Album that was successful in the market.

I have also manage various artist and toured the band appearing in many musical festivals across Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Canada Moscow and many other countries organising the day to day business of the band liaison with the promoters, the venues organising transportation general welfare of the artist

I have also organise musical events in clubs, and venues across London come up with musical ideas that music lovers would like to see in venues such as Cargo in London Vibe Bar also in London Dex Club Brixton .

I have device compilation Albums for various small independent labels in London such as Honestjons, wrasse records, Vampi-soul in Spain Strut records in Germany, and Sound ways in Brighton. I help those companies, identify music that can appeal to ready-made audience, and new open minded  music lovers

Of African music I was responsible for helping licencing the product from the original record holder of the copyright.

I was involved in placing music for Films such as Ali 2001 Last king of Scotland documentaries such as award winning “welcome to Lagos 2007

I am at present writing Auto-biography about female singer in Nigeria band of FelaAnikulapo-kuti Egypt 80 band. And a documentary of Magic realism a tale of the first indigenous African writer. I attended overseas film and TV production college East London in 1982, and Goldsmith college London1985.

I worked back stage at the Apollo Victoria theatre on the starlight express musical 1990, before picking up interest in music and finally succeeded in landing a publishing deal with Chrysalis  music as a song-writer in 1995 and signed to Touchwood records as an artist going by the name AWA BAND and later signed a 2 single deal with Defected Records releasing 2 singles in 2001/202

The growth of world music in the 20th century has grown due to the Digital age. Smart phone has grown in the sub-sahara Africa making countries such as Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria a good market place for digital music down load. In Europe those countries has population growth in countries like Germany, France U K and the United States even in Asia music such as Afro-Beat have spread throughout the continent making African music demand soar in those country couple this with international Festivals across the globe the music popularities, has help the sales of world music to increase world-wide.

France has a large African migrant and also have the largest music festivals given room to the sales of world- music to the ever increasing listeners, and buyers of world music. In the UK,  major recording companies see the pop, market  more lucrative with the ever increasing realities tv shows that help market the product smaller labels are gradually filling the gap to the world music beat.

Our targeted market, is world-wide but more established market, is France USA Spain Holland London Canada Africa Asia and Latin America

Our competitors are small, due to the major record companies such as Sony, EMI, Universal abandoning the  more specialist African music for more commercial pop music my main competitors I have worked with in the past and knows where the market is internationally.

What we will be bring to our business, is the more direct contact to our customers as more African restaurants opens up in London  and the local market place accommodating African shop from food to fashion shops barber shops on street corners and business canters opening up in the city the opportunities to stock our product increases

We will also develop our mailing list to target professionals the ever busy workaholic that now relies on their internet   to shop on line other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow Aberdeen and wales this will be an area to expand our focus on initially through the internet, and gradually take our road show there, meeting our customers face to face

Akeem Majestic is Director of the company and also Manaing Director/CEO of Majestic Restuarant, London.




Charles Ajibade Odunlami is an Assistant Director/ Project Coordinator of Majestic Entertainment International, Africa represented by Charles J Productions Ltd. Charles  Odunlami is a native of Nigeria born in Lagos State and is of the Yoruba ethnic origin, was once a civil servant with Federal Ministry of Works and housing (map depot) secondary school teacher. He educated in Lagos and Benin Republic. Acting dance and directing a folk singer, he was a member of the executive of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria Surulere Zone, later became Chairman of Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria.

He is a co-founder of M&C Promotions and president of Charles Ajibade Productions an event management company that has successfully marketed and promoted series of events bringing together emerging and established musicians in Nigeria Africa, Uk, etc and have provided content for music showcase co-host by NTA, PMAN and alliance francais.

A renewed promoter with hope of using the vehicles of arts and culture to foster greater unity among humanity in Nigeria, Diaspora Africa, UK and America’s musicians consultant.

Communication and media consultant til date.

Ameh E. Solomon is the Admin Manager  of Majestic Entertainment International, Africa represented by Charles J Productions Ltd. He’s a graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic where he studied Accounting and also obtained Diploma in Desktop Publishing (Graphic Designer and Web Design) in DataSkills Institute in Lagos State.



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